Choose the Poker Gambling Site with the Most Bonuses

Choose the Poker Gambling Site with the Most Bonuses

Choose the Poker Gambling Site with the Most Bonuses – With the popularity and attractiveness of online poker gambling games, this game is included in the type of game with the most fans.

Poker has now become a favorite choice for gambling players from all over the world. With a variety of fun and benefits, you certainly can’t miss the opportunity to play. Moreover, now everything can be enjoyed online. It’s definitely easier for anyone.

No need to have trouble finding a place to play, just open a gambling site on the internet using a smartphone or laptop. But, don’t let it all make you choose carelessly. Because, not all sites that you can find provide profitable results. However, from the choice to play on the best online idn play poker sites, it certainly provides abundant profits. In fact, in it there must be many free bonuses that can be achieved by all members. Therefore, do not take the wrong step in choosing a site later.

Choose the Poker Gambling Site with the Most Bonuses

In order to get the best poker site right, we want to give you a few tips. So, pay close attention to each of the following tips in order to get the best online poker site.

Easy Ways to Choose a Poker Gambling Agent Not Fake

Of course, playing online poker with the best agents provides an easy opportunity to earn abundant profits. But before that, understand first how to find a poker agent, not a fake. Let’s see all of these methods in full below.

Fake Agents Don’t Have an Official License

The first way to choose an agent is not a fake is to know for sure the license you have. Because, without an official license, it can be ascertained that the agent is not the right choice. That’s because the license is only owned by the best and most trusted agents. Besides, it’s certain they just have a fake license. In fact, they are not legally registered with the world’s official gambling organizations.

Don’t Trust Unfair Gifts

The second way is to play with the best agents that will definitely give real results. Therefore, it is not easy to trust agents who offer unreasonable amounts of prizes. Although the results given are clearly large, they are still within reasonable limits. If there is an agent who gives an unreasonable gift, you should not have to play in it. That way, you can find a more appropriate choice.

Clear and Definitely Complete Facilities

The third way is to choose the right one, then you have to pay attention in terms of the existing facilities. Because, for the best online poker agents, of course, they have clear facilities and also the most complete facilities. Some of these facilities such as live chat is active for 24 hours, the most complete transaction options, and many others. Therefore, do not miss all the facilities in it.…

Typical Indonesian Food That’s Already Rare

Typical Indonesian Food That’s Already Rare

Typical Indonesian Food That’s Already Rare – Indonesia has many kinds of foods that are well known to foreign countries. But over time, Indonesian specialties began to decrease and became difficult to find.

1. Vegetable babanci

At first glance, vegetable babanci looks like jackfruit curry. Yes, the contents are not much different. But what makes this vegetable taste different is that there is a mixture of beef, young coconut, petai, and sour coconut milk.
Because the seasoning uses spices that are quite rare, this Betawi food is now only served during big traditional events or holidays.

2. Clorot

Clorot comes from Purworejo, Central Java. Unlike most other sweets, clorot is shaped to resemble a trumpet. Unfortunately, this snack is threatened with extinction, there are not many stalls or sellers of traditional cakes in the market that sell it.

3. Jongkong

This market snack is synonymous with sweet and savory coconut sauce, and has a fragrant aroma of pandan leaves. It is said, this food has begun to be difficult to find in some culinary places.

4. Mie lethek

This noodle is a culinary mainstay of Yogyakarta at that time. The main dish is known for the dull color of the noodle dish. This is because, lethek is made from tapioca flour and cassava, so it’s no wonder the color of the noodles is predominantly gray. Like fried noodles, this dish also comes with vegetables and eggs.

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5. Gulo madam

Do you know? If Gulo Puan turns out to be the most delicious food in Palembang. The main ingredients of making this traditional snack, are sugar and buffalo milk only. However, now buffalo milk is getting scarce, therefore there are not many who produce Gulo Puan anymore.

6. Kid

Kidu is an original dish from the Karo Tribe, North Sumatra. Kidu is one of the many extreme culinary delights in Indonesia. This is because, Kidu is made from rotten sago tree caterpillars, then cooked with arsik seasoning. Unfortunately, sago tree caterpillars are starting to be difficult to find, that’s why kidu is classified as a rare food.…

Reasons to Play Online Slot Gambling on the Official Site

Reasons to Play Online Slot Gambling on the Official Site

Reasons to Play Online Slot Gambling on the Official Site – First, comes the length of placing a given bet. Before joining an Indonesian online slot site, of course, every gambler looks at the game first.

As a result, there are various gambling game websites that only provide a variety of placing bets. As a result, members must find a site to place other gambling bets, they should be able to play what kind of gambling they want. And so, you can also feel where it feels to play the gamble.

Reasons to Play Online Slot Gambling on the Official Site

There is a long bonus promotion

Third, come a lot of bonus promotions. In this case, the real extra route is always given by every Indonesian online mega88 slot site. Because there are so many various extra promotions that are given. So since the extra belongs to, usually the extra is only given to bettors. So old gamblers can’t get an extra way extra member because it doesn’t apply to old bettors. Let alone before taking extra, you should understand first what the bonus is.

Because on the gambling gambling page, it’s not only in the further join bonus. On the other hand, there is also something called an extra deposit, this extra increase is only intended for bettors who comply with the deposit. There are also various solutions or rules that you can find online on gambling gambling sites. Because the appropriate gambling game sites have different rules – different from each other. The more you can see for yourself in the additional promotions section on the website placing gambling bets.

There is a lot of matter in placing gambling bets

Second, there is a lot of matter in gambling. Maybe if you only play placing bets, of course you want to be unfamiliar with the meaning of the event. Matter in this factor is intended for competitions depending on the gambling bets you play. Indeed, not all Indonesian online slot sites hold gambling issues, on the contrary, only a few gambling game websites can provide them. Also, with the occurrence of this thing, there are so many different bettors competing.

So as well as the occurrence of a situation on a gambling game site, members can be more happy in playing the gambling game. The more focus on playing the game is actually a gift. These results can be felt as a gift that is dreamed of by all bettors who join the issue. Surely each matter has a different reference, of course, who this matter should be understood by every member who participates in the matter.…

Different Nuances of Outdoor Cafe in Jogja

Different Nuances of Outdoor Cafe in Jogja

Different Nuances of Outdoor Cafe in Jogja – Jogja has indeed become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Indonesia, this city also serves different foods from other cities.

Jogja has become a culinary tourism spot that has always been the target of local and foreign tourists when they want to enjoy tranquility. The friendliness of the citizens of Jogja is one of the reasons why visitors are busy visiting this city.

Not only known as a tourist city, Jogja also has a cafe or hangout that is guaranteed to relax and calm the mind. One of them is a cafe with a cool outdoor feel.

So, for those of you who want to calm your mind while enjoying a meal at an outdoor cafe, check out some of the recommendations in Jogja. Guaranteed to relax!

1. Kampung Jawa

The natural atmosphere here is very epic and can make you feel at home when you visit this cafe. Kampung Jawa has indeed become a stopover for tourists who are on vacation in Jogja.

This fresh atmosphere makes the visitors feel at home. The price is also very affordable, starting from 8 thousand you can enjoy this amazing cafe.

2. Secret Garden Coffee And Chocolate

If this unique cafe is, of course, it is known by many tourists who often come to Jogja. This cafe, which is synonymous with white and elegant, is the main attraction to be used as a reference for you.

Come in the afternoon to this place to enjoy a meal and you will enjoy a very calming atmosphere. No need to be afraid, the price starts from IDR 13 thousand.

3. Marisini Coffee

Marisini Coffee is a hangout place for young people in Jogja, as well as a place to enjoy the beauty of the twilight with their lover. Perfect for those of you who bring your boyfriend or partner to this place.

The breeze at dusk becomes the most beautiful thing when you are at this unique cafe. The beautiful rural atmosphere here is guaranteed to make beta.

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4. Warung Layar Sentuh

From the name alone is unique, especially the treats that are given here. The green rice field atmosphere makes the eyes refreshed and immediately relieves fatigue. Suitable for those of you who are busy working all day long.

This soothing and refreshing atmosphere is what makes visitors always want to linger at this Touch Screen Warung. The price starts from IDR 13 thousand, cheap isn’t it?

5. Watu Amben

This cafe is suitable for those of you who want to have dinner with your family or with your partner. You will witness the sparkling lights of the city of Jogja from above this cafe.

The atmosphere of the night here can make you relax and calm again. You can come here from late afternoon until night falls. Because that’s when this cafe is a prima donna to be included in your list of holidays in Jogja.…

High End Hangout Place in Bandung

High End Hangout Place in Bandung

High End Hangout Place in Bandung – Bandung is one of the popular cities with many tourist attractions and the charm of Bandung residents, not only that Bandung also provides interesting cafes.

Bandung always has a place that is worth visiting for various occasions. From casual coffee to meeting with colleagues, everything is there! This time we will discuss recommendations for favorite cafes of Bandung residents. You can enjoy delicious food with a cool and beautiful Bandung city atmosphere.

1. Risa’s Journal Coffee

Who doesn’t know Risa’s Journal? If you are a horror reality show lover, you must know very well! Well, in Bandung you can enjoy various snacks in the style of Jurnal Risa at Jurnal Risa Coffee.

Apart from offering a variety of delicious menus from coffee to pizza, you will also be treated to a cool exterior and interior design. Oldies building design and pop. Ouch, imagine this is really suitable for making photo spots! If you’re hockey, you can really meet and take photos with the Risa Journal team.

2. Two Cents

For those of you who like to drink coffee while on duty or work, Two Cents can be the right choice! The atmosphere offered is very quiet even though it is on the edge of a major road, guaranteed you will not hear the noise of passing vehicles.

3. Jardin Cafe

One of the cafes that is always crowded in Bandung! Jardin Cafe is very famous for its super instagramable interior. The menu that is served is no less delicious. The most important thing is that Jardin Cafe started operating since morning, you know! So you can enjoy breakfast with comfort food and the cool atmosphere of the city of Bandung in the morning.

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4. Please Please Please

If you like a cafe that has extra friendly and fun service, you can try coming to Please Please Please. This cafe offers a place with a semi-outdoor atmosphere combined with pop colors. The lighting in every corner of the room also really supports you, you know, for selfies.

5. Hummingbird Eatery

Last but not least! One of the favorite cafes at Wargi Bandung is Hummingbird Eatery. This place is a cafe as well as a restaurant that provides a variety of delicious food menus that have no match! The atmosphere of the place is always calm, perfect for those of you who want to enjoy me time while eating delicious food. All menus are recommended!…

Most Popular Book Cafe in Korea

Most Popular Book Cafe in Korea

Most Popular Book Cafe in Korea – When discussing Korea, it must have crossed our heads regarding Korean dramas, the book cafe below has become popular because it is used as a Korean drama shooting location.

Talking about KDrama’s shooting location, there is no end. These locations will usually become the target of fans after being the setting for KDrama shooting featuring their idol actors and actresses. Some locations have even become tourist destinations that can attract tourists from inside and outside South Korea.

One of the “types” of locations that fans often visit is a cafe with a library concept, aka a book cafe. This certainly spoils KDrama Lovers who have a hobby of reading books as well as hanging out. Moreover, the cafe is very instagrambale. Definitely more at home!

1. Sogeumbit Book store

Fans of the drama The King: Eternal Monarch are definitely no stranger to this one bookstore. Yup, this Sogeumbit Bookstore appeared in the third episode of the drama starring Lee Min-ho and Kim Go-eun, to be precise when the scene of Lee Gon (Lee Min-ho) was looking at a collection on a bookshelf then bought a book of Kim So-wol’s poetry collection. entitled Azaleas. After that, he returned to the Corea Kingdom.

Sogeumbit Bookstore not only sells books, but also tableware, various handicrafts, and of course, is a cafe serving delicious snacks and meals. The location is at 7 Nammunan-gil, Sinmun Village, Ganghwa, Incheon, South Korea or about 48 km from Seoul.

The architecture still maintains the concept of traditional Korean houses or commonly known as hanok. Built in 1918 to 1928, this hanok uses wood from the Baekdu Mountain pine tree, which is known to be of the highest quality wood.

2. Book cafe Noon

Bookacafe Noon has been the shooting location for several KDramas, including Familiar Wife (tvN, 2018); Romance Is A Bonus Book (tvN, 2019); and Moments of 18 (JTBC, 2019).

In the drama Familiar Wife episode 14, Cha Joo-hyuk (Ji Sung) met Lee Hye-won (Kang Han-na) at this cafe. They are depicted in a second alternate universe. Hye-won confesses feelings for Joo-hyuk but Joo-hyuk chooses to ignore him and leaves.

Meanwhile, in the drama Romance Is A Bonus Book episode 2, this bookcafe is seen across the parking lot of Gyeoroo Publishing where Cha Eun-ho (Lee Jong-suk) was arguing with Kang Dan-yi (Lee Na-young).

Book cafe Noon is located in Paju Book City, a cultural complex located in Munbal District, Gyoha, Paju City, Gyeonggi Province. In the region there are about 250 publishers who create, publish and sell South Korean books.

3. Hesse Boulangerie 152

Still in the city of Paju and not far from Bookcafe Noon, there is a book cafe as well as a bakery and a hangout place with a unique concept called Hesse Boulangerie 152.

Hesse Boulangerie 152 is a bakery as well as a cafe that is part of Cafe Hesse. The location is in the Paju Book City area, Munbal District, Paju City, Gyeonggi Province or a five-minute walk from the Forest of Wisdom.

The name of the cafe is inspired by the classic German writer and poet Herman Hesse. Even a Hesse poem written in 1918 entitled “Bücher” (meaning: book) is printed on the interior walls and is definitely an instagramable attraction!

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4. Jinsun Book Cafe

From the outside, this book cafe looks attractive and very eye-catching. It’s no wonder that there have been shooting locations for several K-Dramas, such as Find Me In Your Memory (MBC, 2020); 3 Twelve Nights (Channel A, 2018); and Queen of The Ring (MBC / Naver, 2017).

Jinsun Book Cafe is a cafe as well as a library that has around 2500 book collections. This cafe, which is located on Samcheong Street, Samcheong area, Jongno District, Seoul, is also part of Jinsun Publishers, a book publishing company that is quite well known in South Korea.

5. Mr. Vertigo Books

Mr. Vertigo Books became one of the shooting locations for the phenomenal drama that aired in 2017, Because This Is My First Life (tvN, 2017). On episode 14, Nam Se-Hee (Lee Min-Ki) bought a book called “There’s Nothing Wrong With Changing Things” by Park Joon at this book cafe. Yoon Ji-Ho (Jung So-Min) came a little later and was about to find the same book but the seller told him that the last stock had just been sold.

At the time of shooting the drama Because This Is My First Life, this bookstore was on Gangsong 73beon-gil Road, Baekseok Ward, Ilsandong District, Goyang City, Gyeonggi Province. However, since 2019 the location has moved to Bella Citta [벨라 시타] which is only 15 minutes away from the previous location.…

Cafe with Beach and Sea View in Makassar

Cafe with Beach and Sea View in Makassar

Cafe with Beach and Sea View in Makassar – The cafe has become a hangout place that is quite liked by all circles, but this cafe in Makassar serves something different from other cafes.

As we know, usually a cafe is used as a place to hang out and relax while enjoying various drinks and snacks. Not only that, we often find cafes that also provide live music facilities.

In terms of location, most cafes are built around offices, shopping centers and tourist destinations, of course with various decorations and layouts that are characteristic of each cafe.

Similar to other big cities, in Makassar you will easily find cafes with various concepts. Of course, each cafe has its own charm. One of the main attractions is the cafes that are built around the beach and the sea.

1. Kampoeng Popsa

Being one of the best hangout and relaxing places in Makassar, Kampoeng Popsa is a cafe built on the edge of Losari Beach, right in front of Fort Fort Rotterdam. Here you can enjoy a variety of drinks and food accompanied by sea views and live music.

In this cafe, not only providing snacks, you can also enjoy a variety of heavy foods such as sate taichan, rawon, red fried rice, epe banana, pempek, and many more. Therefore, on weekends this cafe will be very crowded, compared to normal days.

2. Cafe Waves

Providing a comfortable place and a cool view, Cafe Ombak can be an option for those of you who want to spend time with friends, relax, or sunbathe while enjoying the sound of the waves, views of Losari Beach, and sunset in the afternoon.

In this cafe, there are many menus that are served, ranging from various snacks to heavy meals, in the form of local to western dishes you can try here.

Besides that, you can also enjoy live music and participate in various events that are often held at this cafe.

3. Zona Nyaman Cafe

Zona Nyaman Cafe is a cafe that has a quite unique concept. With the concept of La Plancha Bali, this cafe does stand on the edge of Akkarena Beach. In addition to providing a place to hang out and have a lotus garden that is quite comfortable, here you can also enjoy a variety of drinks and food from a number of tenants.

These tenants provide various menus, ranging from local food such as chicken soup, fresh fried chicken, nasu palekko, to westerns such as burgers, chrispy prawns, and chicken wings. Therefore, this place is one of the favorite places for local residents to hang out while enjoying the sunset and the sea breeze.

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4. The Beachstone’s Cafe

Having a concept similar to the Zona Nyaman Cafe, The Beachstone’s Cafe is a cafe built directly on the edge of Tanjung Bayang Beach. Here, you can relax while enjoying views of the sea and beach sand directly in the style of Seminyak Beach Bali.

Here, you can relax while sunbathing on a beach chair and a beach umbrella as protection from the hot sun. In addition, The Beachstone’s Cafe provides several gazebos for those of you who will relax with family or friends while enjoying the food and drinks that you have ordered, accompanied by live music and the sea breeze.

5. Cafe Langit

Different from most cafes, this cafe is located on the rooftop of a famous seafood restaurant in Makassar. You can spend time, relax, and enjoy the evening with your family or partner at this Cafe Langit.

A calm and comfortable atmosphere makes this cafe perfect for those of you who are going to spend time with your partner. In addition, at this cafe you can enjoy a variety of foods and drinks that are quite varied.…

Instagramable Hangout Place in Surabaya

Instagramable Hangout Place in Surabaya

Instagramable Hangout Place in Surabaya – Surabaya is one of the cities with various types of food that are quite unique and varied, besides that the city of Surbaya also serves interesting places.

Surabaya is indeed a storehouse of delicious food and drinks. Some places to eat also provide a comfortable and aesthetic place, just right for hanging out with friends. Like these 5 modern cafes in Surabaya, they have a comfortable place as well as delicious treats!

Come on, see the reviews of hit cafes in Surabaya below. Don’t forget, dress up pretty and handsome, and wear your best clothes so you can take pictures as well as beautiful coffee!

1. Kongah Coffee

Not everyone can work in a crowded and crowded place. So, don’t be surprised if you look for a cafe that is comfortable and friendly for workers and students who need quiet space.

In Surabaya, you can come to Kongah Coffee which is famous for its warm atmosphere and has delicious coffee drinks. For those of you who like bitter coffee, you will love the espresso here.

Address: Jl. Raya Nginden No. 106, Surabaya

Opening hours: 14.00 – 22.00

Price: IDR 20,000

2. Timoer Coffee

Timoer Kopi is one of the unique coffee shops in Surabaya. How not, this shop has a thick Chinese nuance in the past, a concept that is rarely used in other cafes.

Here, not only providing coffee and snacks. When hunger hits, there are heavy foods such as capcay, fuyunghai, and koloke rice. This is great for gathering while having lunch with my dearest friends.

Address: Jl. Java No. 18 Surabaya

Opening hours: 07.30 – 22.00

Price: IDR 15,000 to IDR 32,000

3. Djajan Kopi

If the previous place recommendation has the concept of Chinese past, it is different from the Djajan Kopi shop, which is a vintage Indonesian style. The old school atmosphere makes this cafe almost never empty of teenagers who like coffee.

What’s fun here is not only the atmosphere, but also because there are plugs, wifi, and air conditioning in the room, perfect for freelancers looking for a place to work casually. Well, if you or your friend is a smoker, the outdoor location is no less exciting.

Address: Jl. Opak No. 45, Surabaya

Opening hours: 12.00 – 22.00

Price: IDR 20,000

4. TBRK Rumah Kopi

Which one is dying for a vacation to Bali but the savings haven’t been collected? Be patient, instead of feeling sad because you are tired of working, you better go to one of the most popular cafes in Surabaya, TBRK Rumah Kopi.

Designed in such a way as a coffee shop in Canggu, Bali, the vibes are like being on vacation. It’s fun to just make pretty photos!

Oh yes, at TBRK Rumah Kopi, you can also buy coffee beans for stock at home. Complete!

Address: Jl. Ngagel Jaya Utama Kelurahan No. 15, Surabaya

Opening hours: 10.00 – 22.00

Price: IDR 25,000

5. Satu Rasa Kopi

Nicknamed the hidden gem because of its location which is not on the side of the road, Satu Rasa Kopi has a really beautiful place. Combining an all-white interior with rattan decorations, hanging out here is also comfortable.

The best menu here is quite a lot, but you must try the affogato and cochella, a combination of iced coffee and nutella chocolate. Oh yeah, if you want photos, you better come early or late? Because at night, this cafe is always crowded with visitors.

Address: Jl. Karimata No. 1, Surabaya

Opening hours: 07.00 – 22.00

Price: IDR 25,000…