Different Nuances of Outdoor Cafe in Jogja

Different Nuances of Outdoor Cafe in Jogja – Jogja has indeed become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Indonesia, this city also serves different foods from other cities.

Jogja has become a culinary tourism spot that has always been the target of local and foreign tourists when they want to enjoy tranquility. The friendliness of the citizens of Jogja is one of the reasons why visitors are busy visiting this city.

Not only known as a tourist city, Jogja also has a cafe or hangout that is guaranteed to relax and calm the mind. One of them is a cafe with a cool outdoor feel.

So, for those of you who want to calm your mind while enjoying a meal at an outdoor cafe, check out some of the recommendations in Jogja. Guaranteed to relax!

1. Kampung Jawa

The natural atmosphere here is very epic and can make you feel at home when you visit this cafe. Kampung Jawa has indeed become a stopover for tourists who are on vacation in Jogja.

This fresh atmosphere makes the visitors feel at home. The price is also very affordable, starting from 8 thousand you can enjoy this amazing cafe.

2. Secret Garden Coffee And Chocolate

If this unique cafe is, of course, it is known by many tourists who often come to Jogja. This cafe, which is synonymous with white and elegant, is the main attraction to be used as a reference for you.

Come in the afternoon to this place to enjoy a meal and you will enjoy a very calming atmosphere. No need to be afraid, the price starts from IDR 13 thousand.

3. Marisini Coffee

Marisini Coffee is a hangout place for young people in Jogja, as well as a place to enjoy the beauty of the twilight with their lover. Perfect for those of you who bring your boyfriend or partner to this place.

The breeze at dusk becomes the most beautiful thing when you are at this unique cafe. The beautiful rural atmosphere here is guaranteed to make beta.

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4. Warung Layar Sentuh

From the name alone is unique, especially the treats that are given here. The green rice field atmosphere makes the eyes refreshed and immediately relieves fatigue. Suitable for those of you who are busy working all day long.

This soothing and refreshing atmosphere is what makes visitors always want to linger at this Touch Screen Warung. The price starts from IDR 13 thousand, cheap isn’t it?

5. Watu Amben

This cafe is suitable for those of you who want to have dinner with your family or with your partner. You will witness the sparkling lights of the city of Jogja from above this cafe.

The atmosphere of the night here can make you relax and calm again. You can come here from late afternoon until night falls. Because that’s when this cafe is a prima donna to be included in your list of holidays in Jogja.