High End Hangout Place in Bandung – Bandung is one of the popular cities with many tourist attractions and the charm of Bandung residents, not only that Bandung also provides interesting cafes.

Bandung always has a place that is worth visiting for various occasions. From casual coffee to meeting with colleagues, everything is there! This time we will discuss recommendations for favorite cafes of Bandung residents. You can enjoy delicious food with a cool and beautiful Bandung city atmosphere.

1. Risa’s Journal Coffee

Who doesn’t know Risa’s Journal? If you are a horror reality show lover, you must know very well! Well, in Bandung you can enjoy various snacks in the style of Jurnal Risa at Jurnal Risa Coffee.

Apart from offering a variety of delicious menus from coffee to pizza, you will also be treated to a cool exterior and interior design. Oldies building design and pop. Ouch, imagine this is really suitable for making photo spots! If you’re hockey, you can really meet and take photos with the Risa Journal team.

2. Two Cents

For those of you who like to drink coffee while on duty or work, Two Cents can be the right choice! The atmosphere offered is very quiet even though it is on the edge of a major road, guaranteed you will not hear the noise of passing vehicles.

3. Jardin Cafe

One of the cafes that is always crowded in Bandung! Jardin Cafe is very famous for its super instagramable interior. The menu that is served is no less delicious. The most important thing is that Jardin Cafe started operating since morning, you know! So you can enjoy breakfast with comfort food and the cool atmosphere of the city of Bandung in the morning.

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4. Please Please Please

If you like a cafe that has extra friendly and fun service, you can try coming to Please Please Please. This cafe offers a place with a semi-outdoor atmosphere combined with pop colors. The lighting in every corner of the room also really supports you, you know, for selfies.

5. Hummingbird Eatery

Last but not least! One of the favorite cafes at Wargi Bandung is Hummingbird Eatery. This place is a cafe as well as a restaurant that provides a variety of delicious food menus that have no match! The atmosphere of the place is always calm, perfect for those of you who want to enjoy me time while eating delicious food. All menus are recommended!