The Best Cities in Korea

The Best Cities in Korea – Korea is one country that has beauty that can make you feel like visiting it. Korea has so many tourist spots and even beautiful cities. Don’t worry, it’s not just about Seoul that will be discussed. The capital city of South Korea is already widely known as an influential metropolis in the country of origin of K-Pop. Now, it’s the turn of the most beautiful city in South Korea that you can learn about and who knows you will be attracted to you, right?

Come on, let’s see what’s going on in the most beautiful city in South Korea below?

1. Jeju City
Ah, who doesn’t know Jeju Island? Just as the island of Bali in Indonesia is famous among foreign tourists, so is Jeju. The view of the beach is so beautiful that Jeju is known as one of the most beautiful cities in South Korea.

If you want to stop by Jeju City, choose it when it’s summer. Because, the scenery when summer will be much more beautiful and the feel of a vacation is also very pleasant.

For friends who want to honeymoon in Jeju, it is also a very suitable choice. This is because Jeju is known as a luxurious tourist spot and a lot of adult entertainment.

2. Busan
Busan is the second largest city in South Korea with a traditional lifestyle after Daejeon. This city is located in the southern part of South Korea so it has beautiful natural scenery, a combination of mountains and beaches.

When you visit Busan later, don’t be surprised, because their accent is a bit different from the Seoul accent because they use a Satoori accent. Maybe, for those who are not native, it will be difficult to understand.

Busan is also famous as a modern industrial city and there are many villages that showcase Korean culture. One of them is Gamcheon Village which is located on a hillside. The village is very unique because the houses there are painted in beautiful colors.

3. Incheon
Like Seoul, Incheon is a big city. The industry is growing rapidly with high economic value. As the name suggests, South Korea’s international airport is also located in this city.

Visiting one of the most beautiful cities in South Korea, you don’t have to worry, friends. Many delicious foods can be found on the streets with cultural tourist destinations that are also still potatoes, one of which is Jeondeungsa which is the oldest temple in South Korea.

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4. Daegu
If compared to a city in Indonesia, Daegu is slightly similar to Yogyakarta because it is dubbed the City of Students. And, like Yogyakarta, Daegu also has beautiful scenery to enjoy so that it gives sweet memories while on vacation in South Korea.

One of the most beautiful cities in South Korea, there are many art museums located side by side with churches and prayer temples. Oh yes, at night there is also an exciting art performance located on Mount Palgong, friends.

5. Daejeon
When in South Korea, stop by Daejeon City. One of the most beautiful cities in South Korea, it is the largest city. Many cultures are still alive and well in museums.

Not only traditional culture, in Daejeon there is also an exhibition that is claimed to be the best exhibition, namely the exhibition at the National Science Museum. Well, when you stop by in Daejeon and spend the day walking around the city, at the end of the day, you should visit Yuseong Hot Springs to relax.