Tips for Choosing a Chicken in a Cockfighting Bet

Tips for Choosing a Chicken in a Cockfighting Bet – Cockfighting is a traditional gambling game that is usually played by players together with friends and other players.

Moreover, how to play online gambling is very easy to understand. Because when bringing capital in the product, players simply choose one type of chicken from two chickens that want to compete with each other. There are two types of chicken that can be played, namely the type of meron/red and wala/blue.

Although players only have to choose one of them, the Cockfighting Gambling dish should not be played carelessly. The selection of fighting cocks in terms of products, can have a negative impact and can also generate large profits for each player.

To provide the easiest guarantee of victory, on this occasion we will present some tricks to choose the most accurate fighting cock that you can use in the game.

Tips for Choosing a Chicken in a Cockfighting Bet

Tips for Choosing Fighting Chickens in Online Cockfighting Betting

Body shape

Cockfighting can be won if the cock of your choice has a sturdy, slightly long and round shape. Chickens that have these criteria, of course, are chickens that have strong muscles and often give more accurate blows to their opponent’s chickens. With that the chances of winning when pitted increase are greater.

Neck Shape

A chicken that has a large & tight neck so it must have a strong hit with it can knock down the opponent’s chicken quickly. By having a neck that supports this type of bangkok chicken, it is certainly very strong when fighting.

Body Structure

The structure of the cock’s body determines how tough the cock is when fighting in an online cockfighting game. Usually the position of the chicken body like this will form a 90 degree angle with a slightly straight back. So that when doing a blow can be very hard and repeatedly to the opponent’s chicken.

Spine Shape

Because it is the most important means of locomotion, the shape of the cock’s spine is also extraordinary in determining the strength when pitted. Chickens that have a strong spine structure must have large and round leg bones. So the cock’s punch was very strong and hard.

Legs and Claws

A chicken with elbow-shaped legs when its legs are raised, moreover its claws are curved and slightly bent inward, definitely has power when attacking the opponent. Choose a chicken with leg strength & reserves according to these criteria, because so far with the shape of the leg, it is certain that the multiple choice chicken is one of the strongest chickens.

Feather Pattern

How to choose a fighting cock in the next cockfighting sv388 bet can be seen from the feather pattern found on the chicken of your choice. Usually the feathers of this chicken are very thick on the sides of the wings. Because the thick fur is certainly very supportive when doing a duel in the air. The chicken dance maneuver will certainly produce a very hard and easy hit to knock down the opponent’s chicken quickly.