Cafe with Beach and Sea View in Makassar

Cafe with Beach and Sea View in Makassar – The cafe has become a hangout place that is quite liked by all circles, but this cafe in Makassar serves something different from other cafes.

As we know, usually a cafe is used as a place to hang out and relax while enjoying various drinks and snacks. Not only that, we often find cafes that also provide live music facilities.

In terms of location, most cafes are built around offices, shopping centers and tourist destinations, of course with various decorations and layouts that are characteristic of each cafe.

Similar to other big cities, in Makassar you will easily find cafes with various concepts. Of course, each cafe has its own charm. One of the main attractions is the cafes that are built around the beach and the sea.

1. Kampoeng Popsa

Being one of the best hangout and relaxing places in Makassar, Kampoeng Popsa is a cafe built on the edge of Losari Beach, right in front of Fort Fort Rotterdam. Here you can enjoy a variety of drinks and food accompanied by sea views and live music.

In this cafe, not only providing snacks, you can also enjoy a variety of heavy foods such as sate taichan, rawon, red fried rice, epe banana, pempek, and many more. Therefore, on weekends this cafe will be very crowded, compared to normal days.

2. Cafe Waves

Providing a comfortable place and a cool view, Cafe Ombak can be an option for those of you who want to spend time with friends, relax, or sunbathe while enjoying the sound of the waves, views of Losari Beach, and sunset in the afternoon.

In this cafe, there are many menus that are served, ranging from various snacks to heavy meals, in the form of local to western dishes you can try here.

Besides that, you can also enjoy live music and participate in various events that are often held at this cafe.

3. Zona Nyaman Cafe

Zona Nyaman Cafe is a cafe that has a quite unique concept. With the concept of La Plancha Bali, this cafe does stand on the edge of Akkarena Beach. In addition to providing a place to hang out and have a lotus garden that is quite comfortable, here you can also enjoy a variety of drinks and food from a number of tenants.

These tenants provide various menus, ranging from local food such as chicken soup, fresh fried chicken, nasu palekko, to westerns such as burgers, chrispy prawns, and chicken wings. Therefore, this place is one of the favorite places for local residents to hang out while enjoying the sunset and the sea breeze.

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4. The Beachstone’s Cafe

Having a concept similar to the Zona Nyaman Cafe, The Beachstone’s Cafe is a cafe built directly on the edge of Tanjung Bayang Beach. Here, you can relax while enjoying views of the sea and beach sand directly in the style of Seminyak Beach Bali.

Here, you can relax while sunbathing on a beach chair and a beach umbrella as protection from the hot sun. In addition, The Beachstone’s Cafe provides several gazebos for those of you who will relax with family or friends while enjoying the food and drinks that you have ordered, accompanied by live music and the sea breeze.

5. Cafe Langit

Different from most cafes, this cafe is located on the rooftop of a famous seafood restaurant in Makassar. You can spend time, relax, and enjoy the evening with your family or partner at this Cafe Langit.

A calm and comfortable atmosphere makes this cafe perfect for those of you who are going to spend time with your partner. In addition, at this cafe you can enjoy a variety of foods and drinks that are quite varied.