Typical Indonesian Food That’s Already Rare

Typical Indonesian Food That’s Already Rare – Indonesia has many kinds of foods that are well known to foreign countries. But over time, Indonesian specialties began to decrease and became difficult to find.

1. Vegetable babanci

At first glance, vegetable babanci looks like jackfruit curry. Yes, the contents are not much different. But what makes this vegetable taste different is that there is a mixture of beef, young coconut, petai, and sour coconut milk.
Because the seasoning uses spices that are quite rare, this Betawi food is now only served during big traditional events or holidays.

2. Clorot

Clorot comes from Purworejo, Central Java. Unlike most other sweets, clorot is shaped to resemble a trumpet. Unfortunately, this snack is threatened with extinction, there are not many stalls or sellers of traditional cakes in the market that sell it.

3. Jongkong

This market snack is synonymous with sweet and savory coconut sauce, and has a fragrant aroma of pandan leaves. It is said, this food has begun to be difficult to find in some culinary places.

4. Mie lethek

This noodle is a culinary mainstay of Yogyakarta at that time. The main dish is known for the dull color of the noodle dish. This is because, lethek is made from tapioca flour and cassava, so it’s no wonder the color of the noodles is predominantly gray. Like fried noodles, this dish also comes with vegetables and eggs.

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5. Gulo madam

Do you know? If Gulo Puan turns out to be the most delicious food in Palembang. The main ingredients of making this traditional snack, are sugar and buffalo milk only. However, now buffalo milk is getting scarce, therefore there are not many who produce Gulo Puan anymore.

6. Kid

Kidu is an original dish from the Karo Tribe, North Sumatra. Kidu is one of the many extreme culinary delights in Indonesia. This is because, Kidu is made from rotten sago tree caterpillars, then cooked with arsik seasoning. Unfortunately, sago tree caterpillars are starting to be difficult to find, that’s why kidu is classified as a rare food.